And You Unexpectedly Realize

I speak a lot about making a difference, about making the world a better place because you live in it. I say this mostly to educators. The work of the educator is a calling more than a job, and our mission is to empower human potential. For some reason, about this I have always been passionate. I have generally tried… Continue reading

Busy, Productive

Well, I’m finally starting to get over this cold. The congestion is almost all gone. I worked all day, as I have most of the days of my vacation. I’ve decided I have another far more serious illness: workaholism! At any rate, I got a lot accomplished today. Some days I work but feel little was accomplished. Not so today!… Continue reading

One More Thing Before Bedtime

Compassionate Conservatism… Hmmm, now let me see:  was it somewhere between 600,000 and a few million?  Now, these are people who will lose access, because of the new federal law, to overtime pay when they work more than 40 hours a week.  Perhaps, if it’s just 600,000 people it is “compassionate conservatism?”  If it approaches a million is it just… Continue reading