DHI Mavic Pro Photo Me Park


Since the turn of the century, I’ve dabbled with so many social media websites and services, many of which have long since disappeared from the digital ecosystem, I can’t begin to remember them all. For me, three have endured the test of time: my blog (started back in 2004), my YouTube channel, and my Flickr channel.

Yes, I once had a Facebook account. But, I only used it to link to content posted here at my blog1. Facebook disturbed my natural sense of harmony and balance. I deleted my account once the Cambridge Analytica scandal became common knowledge.

Once upon a time I used SlideShowPro to self host all of my photos here on my blog. Much to my dismay, that fantastic platform called it quits. At the same time, my blog and all of my photos had literally filled up all of my server space. So I began moving all of my photos to Flickr. So today, the photos and media links in the sidebar take you to the various locations where my media are now located online.

The sidebar (which might be at the top or bottom if you’re looking at this on a small handheld device) also contains a link to my contact form, more information about me than anybody would ever want to know, and the blog’s archives.

I hope you meander around my digital footprints and find something interesting…
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  1. I loathe Mark Z’s very successful efforts to privatize the web with our own content!