My Blog’s Tag Cloud

Teachers, these word and tag cloud tools have some great learning application for engaging reading comprehension activities, compare and contrast activities, etc.  Students find them fascinating, which rubs off on curriculum content. Tagul is an interesting service.  You can feed your blog’s content to it and get a tag cloud.  You can even have the word cloud appear in shapes.  … Continue reading

Snapshot of the SOTU

I love Wordle, the site at which you can input text and get a visual image of the most frequently used words.  Frequency is measured by size. So, I took the text from the State of the Union address (thanks NPR for providing it) and below is the graphic Worlde produced.  I did this once to a SOTU address from… Continue reading

A Man of Peace & Sense

President Obama‘s Nobel Peace Prize Speech in Wordle shows the words he used more as larger words. Now, if I recall, the buffoon that previously occupied the same office filled his speeches with “Terrorists,” “Security,” “Freedom,” “Amer’ca,” and “Fear.” He was such an ass.… Continue reading