Alaska Inside Passage: Day 4 – Haines to Gustavus (Tuesday)

Today we boarded 2 vans and headed to the Haines International Transcontinental, Intergalactic Spaceport to fly to the remote town of Gustavus, population 350. No TSA hassle here! All they wanted to know was how much you and each piece of your luggage weighed. I think the pilots fly visually over the river. The cloud cover was too low for… Continue reading

Bitten By Bodega Bay Bug

We spent this weekend up at Bodega Bay. I’ve always thought Bodega Bay was a nice place, but on this trip we found Bodega Head. It’s gorgeous! A mini headlands that is every bit as dramatic! Now, as a result, I’m way into Bodega Bay: headlands with gorgeous hiking trails, whale watching, a lovely calm bay, a thriving fishing industry… Continue reading