Upgrading My iPhone Part Four: Using My Osmo Mobile

Weight I prefer using the iPhone X (6.14 ounces/174 grams) with the OSMO Mobile because it’s noticeably less heavy than the iPhone 6s Plus (6.77 ounces/192 grams) I’ve been using. This should slightly improve OSMO battery life. The iPhone 8 Plus (7.13 ounces/202 grams) is heavier than my iPhone 6s Plus, and is actually the heaviest of all of these… Continue reading

My Withings

Everyone knows I’m a technology addict. Therapy would be far less expensive. So I have purchased a new Withings scale in the hopes it will motivate me to eat more healthfully and exercise more often. (Since I’ve added the insulin pump, my A1C is in the normal range, but I have gained 20 pounds over the past 3 years and… Continue reading


I had to get my blood sugar and weight down, my metabolism and energy up. I broke down and joined a gym. It’s really nice! (and expensive!!) It’s starting to work for me. I’ve worked out almost every day since I started. I’m up to burning about 750 calories in a workout. Let’s see, that’s 3 Reece’s Peanut Buttercups I… Continue reading