A Very Cool Weather Website: Windy.com

This website, windy.com, punched through the noise of my RSS feeds. It’s a live view of these weather conditions around the world: wind, waves, rain & thunder, temperature, clouds, air quality, and numerous other weather variables. What makes this site so interesting to me is the way this realtime data is presented (animated) graphically – which a simple screenshot (above)… Continue reading

Helen Ivey: Effervescence Filled with Wondrous Adventure

I have known many wonderful people in my life, but none has been so singular and so positive (always a huge smile) as the bright, energetic soul that was Aunt Helen Ivey, the Senior Warthog. Her sudden and unexpected passing, after 91 years on this Earth, has filled my heart with extreme sadness. Helen was not just generations ahead of… Continue reading

The Delightful Storm Now Passed

The storm has passed, meaning we had a slow steady rain here all day. It was wonderful. I so miss the long, dark rainy days of the southeast! At sunset I went to the Pacific and shot these two little videos with my iPhone. You can’t tell how dark and thick the clouds were, or how interesting the fog was.… Continue reading