Ireland: Day Seven – Ashford Castle to Dublin

One of my strange habits is placing the camera on the table and shooting the restaurant in which I’m eating. I use a wide angle and a long exposure with no flash. It’s weird, I know. But take a look at this photo shot in the Dungeon Café, a literal dungeon, in the Ashford Castle last night.   Today was… Continue reading

Ireland: Day Five – Cliffs of Moher and More

  Today the weather provided periods of sunshine (and sudden downpours), so… back to the Cliffs of Moher with wind gusts of up to 120kph (almost 75mph!). I can’t describe this place: the view, the wind, the cold, the drama of nature. One of the guys who works at the park told of a man who got lifted off of… Continue reading

Ah! Norway. Such a Beautiful Place

I’m so glad I had the opportunity to visit Norway in the summer of 2006–just over 3 years ago now. That country has such a pastoral serenity during the summer months. I reflected on my visit because I stumbled upon these two marvelous panos from one of my favorite sites, 360 Cities. Here are a few of my pictures presented… Continue reading

Five 360º Panos from Maine

Click on each image below to see the 360º panorama linked to that image and shot on location in Maine. The first pano was one of my more difficult challenges as I shot the pano from a floating dock, meaning I was bobbing up and down. Precision is everything in the pano shoot. The last thing you want is for… Continue reading


After seeing Versailles – Galerie des glaces I was inspired. How on earth did the photographer gain sole access? How did the photographer get such a dead sharp, beautifully lit image? Just a spectacular result. So, I decided to assemble a pano I shot in Alaska, regrettably, the only pano I shot in Alaska.… Continue reading