I have to say that I hate the fact that everywhere we now go is more of the same old same old. Every major international airport on the planet is like every other major international airport: forcing passengers to suffer through the duty free malls of the same pile of mess from the same old transglobal corporations. If I’m forced… Continue reading

Piano Delivery Truck Blocks Road for Hours

I was very excited to finally be getting the piano on which I practiced as a child. It left Florida at the beginning of October and has been winging its way to Sausalito ever since. It was delivered today. Well, maybe, kinda, sorta. I stressed to the company that our street was exceedingly steep. I told them about how the… Continue reading

Urban Camping — A New Craze

When I was a kid my family went camping a lot. I loved it. We actually went almost every weekend for a while. I grew to love and respect the outdoors: the smell of exhaust fumes, the cramped quarters, the hard pavement, the honking horns from the passing traffic, the sounds of the steady stream of pedestrians walking by, always… Continue reading