From My Old Barbershops: Two As-Yet-Untold Stories about Relationships

Through the years I’ve written several blog posts on my experiences at various barbershops throughout my life. Rather than repeat any of that content, I’ll just put the links to those posts below. But this post will be about two shop stories I’ve never shared before. 2008: My First (and Last) CA Surfer Dude Do2010: The Tonsorial Parlor2011: Now This… Continue reading

Now This Is a Barber Shop

I remember going to the barber shop as a young child.  A haircut cost 50 cents.  My father was flabbergasted when the price went as high as a dollar.  I recall there were old men who would just sit around in the barber shop talking.  Obviously retired, this was better than black and white television. But, as with everything else,… Continue reading

Just Perfect!

Another absolutely perfect Fall day! The Friday laundry cycle has begun. In a few minutes I’ll be off to the Tonsorial Parlor for another amazing haircut.  My hair is so long now, I’m not sure if it improves or interferes with the neighbors satellite TV reception. Then, it’s off to the cleaners to drop off and pick up. Next is… Continue reading