Flush: Singularly Special and Pretentiously Precocious

I know that every “parent” thinks their beast is singularly special and pretentiously precocious—just like their children. I get that. But… Waldo, our beast, well… He really is. [wink] Most cats don’t like water. They do, however, like drinking from a fountain of moving water. We have learned that Waldo isn’t exactly like most cats. He’s at a stage in… Continue reading

Women in the Men’s Toilet!

Though longer than normal, I hope this post is worthy of your time, thoughtful consideration, and comments. Today I saw an article in the Huffington Post about a woman, Tanya Ditty, testifying before the GA state legislature. The article even includes a link to a YouTube video of her speaking. She is speaking against a proposed bill that would ban… Continue reading

Introducing Mr. Toilet

Mr. Toilet, a real man–Mr. Jack Sim, is the perfect spokesperson for a very serious issue: He’s likable, a bit unusual, passionately committed to a cause, speaks in such a way as to inspire, and is just odd enough to be funny. In just three short minutes he captures everyone’s attention about a very serious issue that the vast majority… Continue reading

An Atlanta Toilet Experience…

I just returned from a very quick weekend trip to Atlanta —lovely city in late Spring when the weather is temperate. I did a lot of walking, over 15,000 steps yesterday. One of the little walks was in Piedmont Park, one of Atlanta’s historic parks, built shortly after the Civil War. The conservancy has done a magnificent job both with… Continue reading