Hiking the Tam

Making a Fog Timelapse We went hiking on Mount Tamalpais this past weekend, twice, actually: both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was especially interesting because we had intense fog (the marine layer) down below us and an overcast sky above us. The motion of the clouds and fog was fantastic. Having anticipated this, I had brought a tripod to shoot a… Continue reading

New Zealand ’17: Day 13 – Glenorchy (Tue)

Lodging: Matakauri Lodge Date During Trip: July 11, 2017 It rained this morning. No snow, yet. I’m still holding out for some. Everyone else seems to have come to the conclusion that the snow will arrive tomorrow. We decided not to drive up to Glenorchy, which is at one end of Lake Wakatipu. We saw it yesterday from the helicopter.… Continue reading

Time Lapse Composite

I wanted to do something a little bit different with this time lapse of the fog blasting through the Golden Gate; so, I decided to make a time lapse composite: Room with a View. I shot a picture of the view from the living room. It was bright outside; so, it wasn’t possible to expose for both the outside and… Continue reading

Behold, I Wail!

Our poor hot tub! It is dead. I shot a 1 minute video (time lapse) of the funeral procession and turned it into a cartoon. I suppose it is a miracle that the hot tub ever worked at all, after the young children who lived here before we moved in decimated it with large rocks, pebbles, and slabs of slate.… Continue reading

When It Happens…

It happens really quickly! I was “camped out” atop Hawk Hill, determined I was going to shoot a time lapse of the fog burning off the Golden Gate Bridge, the bay, and the city. The whole area was completely socked in with dense, fast moving fog. Torrents of fog were moving in over my head and down on top of… Continue reading

Fog Yields New Discoveries

I am really into the intense fog of the north bay area! Today I shot this photo* at Fort Baker, under the Golden Gate Bridge. The fog was just gushing over the hill top and over the bridge. I just can’t wait to do a time lapse of fog. On the way to the ferry this morning, I noticed something… Continue reading

Not Another Time Lapse, Please!

I know, I post a lot of them here, and over time, well, it’s just another time lapse. But I’ve tried over the past several months to only include ones that were doing something novel, innovative, advancing the art form. This time lapse certainly does that. It could have been a bit shorter by deleting some of the portions of… Continue reading

Time Lapse Journey with Nature

A Timelapse Journey with Nature: 2009-2011, by Henry Jun Wah Lee includes time lapse photography of: Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest Mono Lake Joshua Tree National Park Alabama Hills Lunar Eclipse of December 2010 Monument Valley Salton SeaTuscon, Arizona Jeju Island, South Korea Yosemite National Park Petrified Forest National Park Death Valley National Park Horseshoe Bend… Continue reading

Beyond Crazy Insane Daredevils!

The Art of Flight. Yes, the dude is being dropped off on the snow ledge and is about to snowboard off of that cliff! Kick this video up to 1080p and watch it full screen.  It’s lunacy!  The camera work, the helicopter craziness, the editing, the daredevil nature of the athletic work… Tyler Ginter did the astro time lapse scene.… Continue reading