My Latest Binge Watching: Mad Men

In the last few of years I’ve been watching more TV than I’ve ever watched in my adult life. Since I loath advertising, I rarely ever watch live TV. Instead, I’ve been watching Netflix or programs I’ve recorded on the TiVo, where I can skip the ads. My latest binge watching obsession has been Mad Man. I’ve heard about the… Continue reading

Golden Age of Television

I read, or a friend of mine suggested—I don’t recall which, that we are in a golden age for television. Numerous excellent programs are available. So, I’ve been thinking about this: Are we really in a golden age for television programming? As a child, we had to center our schedules around our favorite TV programs. If you missed them, they… Continue reading

Weeping Hysterically

I’m not a huge fan of TV, but I have watched the past 3 seasons of The Closer. I’ve even blogged about the show. I’ve been a huge fan of the show. Well, tonight is the final episode of a great TV series. I will miss it. Terribly. While Kyra Sedgwick has done a brilliant job as the main character,… Continue reading

The Closer Rocked!

Everyone knows I’m a huge fan of The Closer TV series. I just caught up to the end of the 7th season’s final episode this week. I hate to see the series come to an end. It was some of the best TV I’ve seen in years! The season/series finale was a huge success. With The Closer, you never see… Continue reading

A Message to the Writers of The Closer

I don’t know who all of the writers are for the TV series, The Closer.  There seem to be many.  But if I did, I would send them this message: While every aspect of The Closer is extremely well done, making it must-see TV, the writing, plot development, subplots, and plot twists are consistently very well done.  This season’s premier’s… Continue reading

Some Serious iTunes Goodness: 1 of 2

iTunes Home Sharing With five computers in the house with two distinct music libraries among them, and with two AppleTVs on the network connected to sound systems, and with the new Apple Remote app for your iPhone or iPad (way cool app!), iTunes Home Sharing is really convenient and easy to setup.  With home sharing turned on, you can play… Continue reading

The Canon 5DmkII

I really like my Canon 5DmkII DLSR. I’ve grown a lot more comfortable with it and am continuously amazed at what it produces. Nothing astounds me more than the HD video it shoots. I’m not a person who watches TV. I’ve never watched the TV series House. But this year’s season finale of House is notable because it is the… Continue reading