Dealing with @Verizon Is Maddening As Hell!

We have one of the new 4G LTE cards from @Verizon.  I went over the data limit last month and incurred a $10 surcharge, so I want to set up My Verizon on my iPhone and iPad so I can monitor the data usage to determine if we will need a plan with greater bandwidth. Holy $#&*, nothing could be… Continue reading

My Personal MicroCell Tower at Home

I have frequently posted vituperant remarks about AT&T. The company generally is loathsome. Their 3G network service here in Manhattan Beach is horrid. I can barely get a signal at the house. I frequently drop calls. Incoming calls frequently just go straight to voicemail without my phone ever ringing. LAX rarely even gets 3G service, just the horribly slower Edge… Continue reading

Just Give Us Your Money

I am certain that I don’t begin to understand the cost associated with running a web hosting company. And, since I am not really a web master per se, I really am basically clueless as to everything that is required to run such a business. I’ve just cobbled together enough skill to make this and a couple of other web… Continue reading