Embracing Our Personal Fallibility

My love of many TED talks has never been a secret. This talk by Kathryn Schultz, staff writer for the New Yorker and the author of “Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error,” in no exception. Because of seeing so many Facebook rampages [for just one example: on both sides of the marriage equality debate where people are just… Continue reading


The promise of technology was to democratize the world and bring us all together. Hmm… I’m thinking it has done more to place people in isolated silos than bring them together. I watch people at the dinner table not be present but rather be online. I’ve been exploring this notion for some time. This video is exceptionally well done. Shimi… Continue reading

Why Ordinary People Need to Understand Power

I thought of our nation’s social studies teachers when I saw this excellent video on the civic responsibility we have to teach social studies as the study of power. It’s an interesting take on middle and high school education, at the very least. Eric Liu makes some very provocative and important points in this 19 minute video. One of his… Continue reading

Aren’t You Tired of the Same Old Same Old?

The same old same old, day in and day out, gets tedious, not just boring. It lulls us into a stupor. It reinforces (hardens) our thinking patterns. The same old same old dulls our senses and causes us to miss the beauty that surrounds us every single day. No!! Not Advanced Statistical Analysis! [dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ears ago, when I was studying advanced… Continue reading

Ubiquitous Connectivity

I hadn’t heard of this guy: Tom Scott*, but he’s clever. I particularly like these projects… To me he’s asking the same question I ask too often: Are we creating a future in which we really want to live? Welcome to Oversight Welcome to Life   * So who is he? From his blog: I talk about the internet, about… Continue reading

She Nailed It!

Last night I wrote a post, “Christian Taliban?” that had been burning in my thinking. I couldn’t decide if I should write it or not. Finally I decided to commit it to writing. The movement of the spheres? This morning I see a link from a friend, thanks James! The TED talk by Lesley Hazleton, included at the end of… Continue reading

I Find this Deeply Moving

I am always pondering, at some level, what motivates us to do and say the things we do. Today I stumbled upon this treasure. This short video of a TED presentation by  Louie Schwartzberg is a “must see!” The pause and the reflection it brings are transformative. Beauty and seduction are nature’s tools for survival because we protect what we… Continue reading

Re:public — For the People Alone

Every time I hear Lawrence Lessig speak, I am deeply moved! Participate with Rootstrikers!   Related articles Lawrence Lessig Addresses What is Wrong with American Politics (itsabeautifulearth.com) Lawrence Lessig: We the People, and the Republic we must reclaim | Video on TED.com (tribuneofthepeople.com) Lawrence Lessig: We the People, and the Republic we must reclaim (baddiesboogie.com)… Continue reading

A Terrible, Terrible Oversight!

From time to time I visit TED.com. I’ve often said that many of the brief talks on this site feed my soul. (It beats the news any day of the week!) Today I revisited one of my favorite talks: Liz Coleman’s, Bennington College president, call for the reinvention of liberal arts education. I think her talk is among the most… Continue reading

When Black Is the New White and White Is the New Black

Some time back I came to an awakening, an epiphany: White is the new black and visa versa! When a politician speaks, I have to run those words through a translator that turns them to the exact opposite to get the truth. The rich are the job creators? Not according to Nick Hanauer, a self described “super-rich” entrepreneur TED presenter… Continue reading