Pay Up!

I’ve noticed that GE has been pumping very persuasive, emotional advertising into the air waves: the GE factory workers who made the MRI machines meet with the cancer survivors whose lives have been saved by the machines. Yadda, yadda, yadda… I wondered for a second: Why are they spending so much in advertising, especially on MSNBC? Then it dawns on… Continue reading

About That Budget Deficit…

A little compare and contrast from @_Capitalism_: “I am capitalism and the U.S. has 450 billionaires and 7 million homeless people, living side by side with equal dignity.” Oh, but all of those homeless people are druggies, prostitutes and other forms of filth who are getting what is coming to them. Sorry, I forgot.  My bad. And another point of… Continue reading

My Federal Budget Proposal

I’m simple minded, really. So here’s my budget proposal in broad strokes: Tax the wealthy people the same way they were taxed when I was a child:  no more, no less. End the wars.  No, now.  We are not the world’s police force. Slash the non-personnel related defense department budget (which has soared) to pre 2001 levels. Slash other  “security”… Continue reading

Overtaxed Corporate America

I hear all of the propaganda about how over taxed corporate America is.  I’m frequently reminded, especially during election cycles, that the tax burden is so unbearably high for corporations, they seek ways to move business outside of the USA. Really, now. What percentage of your income did you pay in income tax last year?  I bet it was a… Continue reading

The Dreaded Taxes

I have finished my income taxes. In sackcloth and ashes, I wail! So, let me see…  what did my tax money help purchase?  Well, that money continues to fund wars I believe are immoral.  My taxes allow greedy bankers to get millions in bonuses while their banks all but put the economies of the world in collapse.  Umm… no health… Continue reading