Cinemagraph and Plotagraph

I’m late to this, but I find it interesting enough to share. I suspect that if information about Cinemagraph and Plotagraph didn’t break through the digital noise and get my attention, the same may be true for others who might find it interesting. Plus, I make a recommendation for the software developers at the end. Broad Strokes Cinemagraph begins with… Continue reading

Apple Should Be Embarrassed!

After years and years of neglect, Apple released an update to its iWork programs. Each program is now sold individually. Pages version 5, the Apple word-processing and desktop publishing application, was born. The program is now on version 5.6.1. Typical of Apple’s feature regression, Pages 5.6.1, even today, lacks fundamental features one would expect from a desktop publishing app. Even… Continue reading

Conspicuous by Its Absence

Something else just dawned on me about today’s announced iPad: all that went unannounced. In fact, I’m concerned. Where is iLife ’10? One of the presenters mentioned that iLife had been rewritten from the ground up. OMG! The last time Apple‘s software team re-wrote something from the ground up, they gutted it: iMovie! What features will we lose? Will desktop… Continue reading

Google: Too Big, Too Powerful, Too Much Information

While appreciating their search functionality, I’ve been rather ambivalent about Google. But in recent days, I’ve decided it’s time for me to explore other options aside from using Google exclusively for so many things. Yesterday I went to demonstrate setting up a free Blogger account. Now Google requires the user give Google a cell phone number to set up a… Continue reading

Good News & Bad News

Good News: Adobe Photoshop CS4 rocks my world. It’s awesomeness that glows brilliantly on my Mac monitor. I love it. Bad News: The Adobe customer product selection and purchase experience is unspeakable, sheer, tragic, horror. Let me count the ways: To read the 39 items in the list, click on the continue reading link. So why did I document all… Continue reading


Why does it take virtually 3 weeks to boot up Microsoft Word on the fastest MacBook Pro laptop on the market as well as the fastest Mac Pro available? Can’t these programers figure out a way to get Word to launch without the need for the user to take a coffee break before the document finally appears? This is ridiculous!… Continue reading

The Surveillance Society

Evidence is beginning to appear that suggests that all of the cameras in our surveillance society do nothing to cut down on violent crime. Yet we are spending vast amounts of money on them to make feel as though we are safer. This video from Seattle I Am is clever and thought-provoking.    With face recognition technology finding its way… Continue reading