Just Crazy Hard to Do [Updated]

Once again I feel tormented by technology. I needed to install Windows XP on my old MacBook Pro, late 2008. Yes, I’ve finally stumbled upon an app I need to use that is only available on Windows! God have mercy! I decided that I wasn’t going to spend a dime on this project, hence my decision  to use an older… Continue reading

Reversed Scrolling: Homerun or Foul Ball?

@Apple:  Why does reverse scrolling on the desktop feel so unnatural?  After about a week of frustration, I’ve figured out the reason! First, I’m in no rush to upgrade to Lion, for several reasons, but that’s not what this post is about. Lion changes desktop scrolling behavior, making it like scrolling on an iOS device (like your iPad or iPhone),… Continue reading

Sonicfire Pro Upgrade

I know of at least one reader who uses Sonicfire Pro.  When you upgrade to Snow Leopard (10.6), you will need to patch Sonicfire Pro.  Maybe I just missed the obvious, but te location of the patch, and the fact that it was specifically designed for 10.6, escaped me.  When I told Sonicfire Pro to check for updates, it told… Continue reading