Join Us for a Lunchtime Debacle in 360º

My sister couldn’t get the relish out of the container; so, like any good brother, I assisted… This is a 360º video. Use your mouse or trackpad to look at everyone’s reaction when the relish finally made its appearance. (The 360 interactive experience does not work on iOS devices. I’m not sure if it works on Android devices or not.)… Continue reading

Final Pano from the Sistoid’s Visit: Mount Tamalpais

This pano from atop Mount Tamalpais in the Marin Headlands provides another stunning view of the Pacific Ocean, which was partially covered by a thick blanket of fog. In the distance you can see Mill Valley, Belvedere, Tiburon, Angel Island, Sausalito, and the Marin Headlands. The bay area is well-known for its micro climates. Unlike below the fog layer, here… Continue reading

Final Fort Point Pano: The East Tower

One of the things I found curious about these panos shot at Fort Point is that you can actually see the tide starting to go out. The water from the bay is brownish. I’m told it goes 6 miles out to sea before the currents bring the same water back into the bay area. Odd.… Continue reading

Interior Courtyard of Fort Point

Yes, I admit, I’ve been on a pano-making extravaganza! If you’ve read the previous posts, you know that the sistoid unit was here for 2 weeks, and we walked all over the earth around here. I shot a lot of panos. More are yet to come! This pano shows the interior courtyard inside Fort Point. The Golden Gate Bridge was… Continue reading

Pano: Inside the 3rd Floor of Fort Point

When my sistoid unit was visiting, we went to Fort Point (which is located under the Golden Gate Bridge) three different times. No, it wasn’t that she was that into it. The first time we went the weather was perfect for photos. I just didn’t have my camera. The second time, the fort was completely fogged in, but I shot… Continue reading

Sistoid Unit Visit Results in Panos!

Yes, the Sistoid Unit came out to California for a 2 week visit. We had a blast. She almost killed me walking all over the place. In fact, we walked almost 140,000 steps, over 66 miles! (Dear god, no wonder I ache all over!) A couple of times I took my camera along to shoot several panos. They turned out… Continue reading

Special Names for Siblings & Pets

Do you or any of your siblings have special names for the other–I mean, names that can be repeated in public? For example, I’ve mentioned from time to time that I have always called my sister “The Sistoid Unit.” I have no idea why or when I started doing that, it’s just been that way for what seems forever. Amazingly,… Continue reading