Fair and Balanced or Unhinged from Reality?

This post is NOT about Fox News or climate change, though both are referenced to explain something else. John Oliver: Last Week Tonight [dropcap]I[/dropcap] thought that the ending of Season 1, Episode 3, of John Oliver’s HBO series, “Last Week Tonight” was sheer brilliance. Not only was he funny (He’s always hysterical.), he made a profoundly important point. His point… Continue reading

Week in Politics

VP Debate Well, you know Joe Biden whipped Paul Ryan‘s ass in the debate when the extreme conservative pundits whine this loud. Paul is accustomed to arresting older men who speak out against him in his meetings, he’s skilled at batting his puppy dog eyes at the camera and having his way. Biden masterfully held him to the harsh truth.… Continue reading

Oh, That Cocaine Issue Again

A year ago or so the media was all abuzz with the fact that some amazingly high percentage of our paper money has trace amounts of cocaine on it. Yes, that little fact made me feel really confident in drug enforcement efforts. Now I read this: In today’s edition of the journal Science, R. Graham Cooks, a professor of chemistry… Continue reading

What Can I Say: More Bad News

Well, I’ve been reading a lot lately about an increasing number of scientist writing and speaking about global warming being much worse than previously anticipated. Now I read that the sun will swallow up the planet in 7.6 billion years. Well, call me insensitive, but I just don’t care. I doubt humanity will exist on this planet in 1,000 years… Continue reading

Scientist Grow Human Jaw Under Man's Shoulder

LONDON, England (AP) — A German who had his lower jaw cut out because of cancer has enjoyed his first meal in nine years — a bratwurst sandwich — after surgeons grew a new jaw bone in his back muscle and transplanted it to his mouth in what experts call an ambitious” experiment. According to this week’s issue of The… Continue reading