At the Shore over the Years

I’ve really grown to love the short movie memories Photos artificial intelligence creates from the tens of thousands of photos I’ve shot on my iPhones through the years. Their AI algorithms process through all of the photos, identify what the photo is, pick photos on a theme, and assembles them automatically. The algorithms do a surprisingly good job of picking… Continue reading

Happy Birthday Point Bonita Lighthouse

This year was the 160th birthday of the Point Bonita Lighthouse that provides safe passage into the San Francisco bay. I loved volunteering as a docent there at the lighthouse for 3 years! (Yes, even with GPS and other navigational devices, the ship captains rely on the lighthouses which always just work! Those tried and true old ways.) Special thanks… Continue reading

San Francisco Bay Fog Horns

We went down to Fort Baker to have a short walk. It was night and completely dark. A dense wall of fog had softly crept in under the Golden Gate Bridge. In this short (30 second) iPhone recording, you can hear: a large ship’s fog horn (first sound) followed by the Golden Gate Bridge‘s fog horn (one low blast followed… Continue reading

Gettin’ My Groove On…

All we need is a disco ball in this video: a time lapse of the sunset in Sausalito as seen from the front yard. The closest cloud interested me. I had high hopes, expecting great and swirly things from it. About 20 minutes into the time lapse shoot, I noticed that the clouds to the west, by Mount Tamalpais, looked… Continue reading

East Brother Light Station Tour

I’ve mentioned before on my blog that I really enjoy volunteering at the Point Bonita Lighthouse about once a month. Ranger Sarah, who coordinates the PoBo VIPs (Point Bonita Volunteers In the Park) recently offered everyone the opportunity to take a day trip to the East Brother Light Station. A handful of us were able to go and had a… Continue reading

Bay Area iPhoneography

This afternoon we meandered around Sausalito and Point Bonita. I just watched the parade of lighted boats and the holiday fireworks (from the house). What a wonderful city! To get more familiar with kitCam, I shot a few pics along the way. You can see from the larger images just one of the reasons why I much prefer kitCam to… Continue reading

Time Lapse of Fog at the Golden Gate Bridge

Mid-week I went out to shoot my first time lapse here in the bay area. The sun was shining brightly in the Marin Headlands. The wind was steady, as you will see in the time lapse, and very cool. The fog was just gushing in from the Pacific Ocean. I got fried! I must remember to use sun screen every… Continue reading

I See A Whale!

Several years ago we were on a boating excursion out of Seward, exploring the fjords of Resurrection Bay in Alaska. It was cold, and generally hazy/foggy. One woman on the boat was drinking like there would be no tomorrow. She was very friendly and outgoing, and, as it turned out, was the first one to spot a whale. After one… Continue reading