Our Second Solar Energy System

Well, we now own our second solar energy array. Our first was the one atop the house in Sausalito. The solar energy system atop the house in Atlanta has been happily producing electricity now for a while. It’s significantly larger than the solar system we had in Sausalito. (Because GA Power only pays 50% of the value of the electricity… Continue reading

We Survived the Storms!

I’m not too sure how much rain fell over the past 3 days, but it seemed to be of Biblical proportions. One of our friends posted that his dog, Madison, was upset she wasn’t going to be allowed on the arc because she had been neutered. When the rain is pounding, you can hardly hear anything in the house but… Continue reading

Cutting the Grass

I suspect just about every boy in America grows up having this assigned chore: cutting the grass, well unless you’re Mitt Romney. It’s what boys are expected to do in middle America, a rite of passage, a familial obligation and duty. But what if you lived in this house? Perhaps then it’s a punishment: “I told you, one more low… Continue reading