COLE & MASON Derwent Salt and Pepper Grinder Set – a Review

COLE & MASON I love finding new things that I really like – things I wish I had known about much sooner than when I actually discovered them. This is one of those stories. For the holidays I decided to get Steve the Cole & Mason Derwent Salt and Pepper Grinder Set with stainless steel mills and premium sea salt… Continue reading

Review of Atlanta Peach Movers, Atlanta, GA

We have made five long distance moves in the past 15 years. Three moves were cross-country. And while moving is never fun, all of the moving companies did a great job with one huge exception. Our cross-country move by Atlanta Peach (There is no tree in our name.) Movers was horrible. I can not recommend them to anyone. In fact,… Continue reading

Well-Hidden and Unassuming

I recently finished reading Eli Pariser‘s The Filter Bubble:  What the Internet is Hiding from You.  I highly, highly recommend this as essential reading.  He provides some intense thinking in every chapter about the serious implications of where the internet is currently taking us.  Brilliantly thought out and well written.  (I should probably write a whole post about his book!)… Continue reading

File in Interesting & Use Later

Well, it’s about time something like this appeared.  I, ever the cynic, wonder who owns this company. It’s easier on the web to use reviews to choose the best noise-canceling headphones or a good Indian restaurant than it is to find even the most basic information on which doctor you should go to. But a new service called Doctor Finder… Continue reading