A Brief Moment of Clarity & Consistency

Introduction I have blogged before about Bob Jones University‘s racist history, the current chancellor’s support for stoning gay people (comments made in 1980 to an AP reporter when Jones was president of the institution), and that institution’s persistent subjugation of women. Thinking About Attending Bob Jones University? (focused more on misogyny and racism) Homophobia & Religious Fundamentalism: The Real Issue… Continue reading

Shining the Light of Day

Since the Supreme Court wants the Prop 8 trial hidden from the nation, I for one will shine a little light on it.  This information comes from one of the more prominent blogs about all things LA. No wonder Dr. William Tam, a proponent of Prop 8, wanted to be excused from the federal trial going on this week. He… Continue reading

Hmmm… This Will Prove Interesting

For me, this case has always been about civil rights. It harkens back to the civil rights era and to women’s suffrage. No majority vote should ever be allowed to remove civil rights for non-criminal conduct. Whatever the outcome, this case could be of a similar magnitude to Brown vs. Board of Education and will probably be appealed by either… Continue reading