Wrecking Lives for Profit

When I first heard of this story a couple of years ago, I thought it just couldn’t be true: two county judges in Pennsylvania sentencing over 4,000 juveniles to a detention center for petty offenses so the judges could get kick-backs from the for-profit juvenile detention centers?! While some of the “offenses” were laughably petty, perhaps some were not. Well,… Continue reading

It’s All Just Weird…

A week or two ago I received a recorded call that went something like this, You have currently reached your plan’s limits for certain types of calls including collect calls.  To modify your plan…” By that time, I hung up in a state of anger.  How did some jerk telemarketer get my cell phone number?  I never give it out.… Continue reading

For All My Conservative Friends…

OK, so this post is only being written for 2 people… :o) Most people who only quasi-know me, mistakenly assume I’m a just a liberal. In some ways I am. But most mistake my strong libertarian views for liberalism. And on most social issues, I tend to be very libertarian and sometimes liberal as well–and proud of it too might… Continue reading

What Is This Place?

Elegant condo living? Perhaps a swank office complex? A design studio maybe? Guess again, because you’re going to be shocked! If this source can believed, these are pictures of a prison in Steiermark, Austria, The Leoben Justice Centre. Now I know that those of you who consider me a bleeding heart liberal will be shocked, but I say prison should… Continue reading