Big Bird, and Binders, and Bayonets, Oh My!

Frankly, I hope this will be the last post I write (or read) about the election. I have good friends who I know will vote for Mitt Romney. Some have chosen to do so because they and their families are deeply hurting from the financial wreckage of the George W. Bush years and believe Obama failed to fix that mess.… Continue reading

Absolutely True!

The Republican Party, with its needless 2 wars costing trillions of dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and its trillion dollar bailout of the greedy, self-serving bank executives who then gave themselves hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses on the backs of people who actually DO pay taxes (Yes, don’t forget for one second that George W. Bush was the… Continue reading

Snapshot of the SOTU

I love Wordle, the site at which you can input text and get a visual image of the most frequently used words.  Frequency is measured by size. So, I took the text from the State of the Union address (thanks NPR for providing it) and below is the graphic Worlde produced.  I did this once to a SOTU address from… Continue reading

GOP’s Pledge to America

Make the super rich wealthier. Lie more to America. (Use FOX) Make the super rich wealthier. Spend more on war. Make the super rich wealthier. Privatise public education. Make the super rich wealthier. Destroy the environment. Make the super rich wealthier. Give corporations more control over government. Make the super rich wealthier. Take away healthy care for Americans because the… Continue reading

I Hadn’t Really Thought about This

Image by elycefeliz via Flickr But I bet this is true. Why are the Tea Party people and Glenn Beck‘s fans are so upset about the federal government? Because, in their view, integration was forced down their unwilling throats by judicial and legislative fiat. The lunatic fringe conservatism that Mr. Beck espouses with such goofy eloquence is driven, among other… Continue reading

Imagine My Delight: The Planets Align Again!

Yesterday was an interesting day for me—most days are, actually. But the planets seemed to be especially aligned, or maybe yesterday was a “rip, a hole in the time/space continuum” that “take us thru the event horizon.” * 1. I got an email invitation to connect with another Tim Tyson on a social network site. What was particularly interesting is… Continue reading

A Man of Peace & Sense

President Obama‘s Nobel Peace Prize Speech in Wordle shows the words he used more as larger words. Now, if I recall, the buffoon that previously occupied the same office filled his speeches with “Terrorists,” “Security,” “Freedom,” “Amer’ca,” and “Fear.” He was such an ass.… Continue reading

It’s Not Really About Obama

The puppeteers of the wacko, extremist conservatives that get trotted out in the media every time they want to brainwash Americans don’t really fear Obama. They fear education. They fear enlightenment. They fear a citizenry that is more difficult to manipulate for profiteering because, well… they think critically. Yes, their favorite word is “fear!” It’s what they do best. Image… Continue reading