Primary and Trusted Sources

Sometimes you take a punch to the gut when you realize just how astonishingly manipulative and brazenly dishonest people can be, especially when the stakes are high and massive amounts of money are at stake. An Example: Liars Lie My sister told me today in a phone call that she was really shocked to learn that even President Obama has… Continue reading

Should He Apologize?

At the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority conference this week, Georgia Senator David Perdue, (R), said we need to pray for our President. He then stated that we need to specifically pray a certain way. Well, in his own words: I think we’re called to pray for our country, for our leaders, and yes, even our president. In… Continue reading

The Day the USA Became a Socialist Nation

So, the President spoke to the nation’s school children today, and now we have a whole nation of mobilized Nazi Youth Party just waiting for the secret signal only the youth can perceive to begin the diabolical take over that will spin the nation, on a dime, into a communist state. I tremble. And here it is, The Communist Manifesto… Continue reading