Fidget to Learn

Personally I can say, without any hesitation, this (fidget to learn) is true for me! When I was working on my quals for my doctorate, I would walk, walk, walk: memorizing as I walked. I walked the top floor of the graduate library (a huge “u”-shaped building the top floor of which was almost always abandoned). I walked the corn… Continue reading

Walking Desk Step Counts

So, I’ve had the walking desk for one full week. I know I’ve been walking more, a lot more. But today I wanted to figure out exactly how the desk is impacting my being more active. Out of the Ordinary The first thing I noticed that really is out of keeping for me: yesterday, when I was having tea here… Continue reading

Physical Therapy

Today I went to Patty Brown Physical Therapy for physical therapy.  I have never had physical therapy before, but the issues with my shoulder are just impacting my basic living to such an extent that I decided I had to do it.  This morning I almost had my mouth in the bowl of cereal because I can’t lift the spoon… Continue reading