Occupied (Norwegian TV Series and beyond…)

TV Series If you haven’t watched Occupied (Season one is on Netflix.), you are missing a great Norwegian TV series! In the storyline, Norway has invented an abundant, clean, renewable energy source they are willing to share freely with the world. So, as responsible world citizens, they stopped their oil production. Russia, determined to have the European Union dependent on… Continue reading

Northern Lights: Days 6 – 11 – Plague

The Polar Night Half Marathon went off without issue and even featured some nice fireworks at the start and finish. The bars were open until late (or early…). From the hotel restaurant area, I could see some of the festive town streets. They were simply gorgeous in the holiday lights, snow, and ice! Tromsø is such a quaint town inside… Continue reading

Northern Lights: Day 5 – Travel Day to Norway

Pumped full of drugs, today I traveled to Oslo and then on to Tromsø. The car ride from the airport into Tromsø proper was interesting. I’ve never before experienced a roundabout deep inside a mountain tunnel! They also have intersections in the tunnel as well. The view from the hotel room was wonderful! You can see my favorite cathedral, The… Continue reading

Brilliant & Hysterical at the Same Time!

The over simplification of complexity! It’s what we do well in the USA, especially at election time! Check out: Radi-Aid: Africa for Norway Who will help Norwegians survive their freezing cold winters? Don’t worry, Africa is on it! This hot new charity single and superb spoof was made by the Norwegian Students’ and Academics’ International Assistance Fund, the folks behind… Continue reading

Following Up on Women in Politics

Last week I posted Celebrating Women. (I then had to update it when the URL to the video was made private.) At the same time, I posted a link to the website, Win With Women 2012, on Facebook. That link contains the music video– as that organization commissioned the music. This is what I wrote in my brief Facebook post:… Continue reading

Christian Terrorism?

This term has been floated about in the national discourse about what happened in Norway. I find Mark Juergensmeyer‘s (Author of ‘Terror in the Mind of God: The Global Rise of Religious Violence”) article, Why Breivik Was a Christian Terrorist, a compelling read worth everyone’s contemplation. He makes some significant points many of us might prefer to sweep under the… Continue reading

Tromsø and the Northern Lights

I’ve been to Tromsø in the summer.  I loved it.  I loved all of Norway.  Now, I have to go back during the winter so I can shoot the Northern Lights.  I had no idea they were so pronounced this far south, even though Tromsø is in the Arctic Circle. Having been so enchanted by this place, I’ve paid attention… Continue reading

Ireland: Day Two – Kilkenny to Killarney

Today was a very interesting travel day: from Kilkenny to Killarney. My travels first took me to town center Kilkenny to see the Castle Kilkenny, which is situated immediately next to a river. Immediate access to water seems to feature prominently in the ruins I’ve seen thus far. I recalled a professor’s comment at Emory: “Everything in human history is… Continue reading

Ahh! Norway.

Just a few weeks ago, I blogged again about my trip to Norway. I wonder if previous generations of Americans feel the way I increasingly feel about the United States. I don’t much like living here. This isn’t the nation of my youth. More and more we allow the bullies, the thugs, the thieves to run rife in the media… Continue reading