New Zealand ’17: Day 01 – Waiheke Island (Thu)

B&B Lodging: Breakfast at The Beach Lodge Date During Trip: June 28/29, 2017 OK. I guess it’s Wednesday, but I’m not really sure1. I actually slept on the plane during the night. The seats in business class do this most bizarre transformers kind of thing. The flight attendants have to do it. It’s just too unusual for mere mortals to… Continue reading

iPhone Navigation App: Navigon

I have raved about my iPhone turn-by-turn navigation app before, but it’s time to become effusive! This app rocks! (Apple needs to just give it up already. Apple’s problem-plagued Maps app will never match Navigon! Woop-tee-do! I can use my finger to fly over San Francisco. Wow, and who cares! ) Now, I do have several in-app purchases that make… Continue reading

Navigon iPhone Navigation Application

I haven’t posted much to my blog lately because I have been intensely busy, mostly with traveling, writing, and physical therapy.  And I have made some minuscule effort to avoid the computer as typing at the keyboard seems to train wreck my bad shoulder! Recently, well, over the past several days, I used my Navigon application on the new iPhone… Continue reading