Let’s Chat about Banksy Graffiti

These are some initial thoughts after an encounter with Banksy graffiti, whose work I find provokes my thinking on several different levels. In my opinion, if there is any truly great sin widely practiced in our world today, it’s the failure to think, for deep thinking almost always enjoins action. Banksy takes this on with verve. Banksy had a 2013 … Continue reading

Cost Is Such a Relative Thing

Cost and value. Value and cost. The “deal” is some magical balance between cost and value. Let me see. The Iraq war cost us $712,616,300,000 as I typed this sentence and has already gone above that—way above that in normal people budgets. The Afghanistan war cost us $260,099,900,000 as I typed this sentence and has already gone above that—again, way… Continue reading

Oh, That Cocaine Issue Again

A year ago or so the media was all abuzz with the fact that some amazingly high percentage of our paper money has trace amounts of cocaine on it. Yes, that little fact made me feel really confident in drug enforcement efforts. Now I read this: In today’s edition of the journal Science, R. Graham Cooks, a professor of chemistry… Continue reading

And It Actually Contained…

Back in January I came across the CoinCalc. I posted about it here. I used it to estimate the worth of all of the coins in the piggy bank. The CoinCalc suggested the approximate worth of the money in the piggy bank to be $420.53. Today I took the piggy bank to the Publix coin counter machine and counted the… Continue reading