360º Panorama Time Lapse Videos!

I hesitate to use a photo for this post, because each segment of his video has such a different look, and, as fantastic as they are, a photo misrepresents the most vital element of his work: the live motion. But these photos were on his site, which I recommend you check out! He also has done some very cool long… Continue reading

The Ruins of Detroit

French photographers Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre created a photo essay of the decline of Detroit in their book, The Ruins of Detroit. This blog post showcases some of their haunting imagery. Amazon actually has several photo books on this topic. One must ask, how could an economic system go so wrong and hurt so many people in the process!  … Continue reading

Crossing the Line

Throughout my career I had the unfortunate responsibility of dealing with people who “crossed the line.”. I’m specifically thinking of female employees who had former boyfriends with whom they broke up that then began to obsess over them in unacceptable ways that impacted the employee’s work environment—hence, my involvement. Some of these women never returned the affections of the men… Continue reading


When I think of Michigan, I think of the failed auto industry, unemployment, and what has gone wrong with capitalism for the past 50 years. This is really a shame, because I had completely forgotten the two summers I spent as a counselor at Interlochen Summer Music Camp, two of the most awesome summers of my life. I’ve blogged about… Continue reading