Had a Good Laugh Remembering This

We just had a good laugh remembering this experience in our lives: Pepé Le Pew (Who remembers him?!) Years ago now, when we lived in Los Angeles, Steve applied for a life insurance policy. The company sent a nurse out to our home to take a blood sample. When she arrived, she was very pleasant and cordial, but she had… Continue reading

#SevenDayPhotoChallenge: Photo 7

When I work out, admittedly only about 4 times a year, I attempt to view my photos on the AppleTV. The new Photos app now lets me share all of the photos in my Lightroom catalog! Today was the first time I tried it, and it worked. The TV just pulled random photos from a 50,000+ photo collection. What a… Continue reading

Quick Trip to West Hollywood!

This weekend we made a quick overnight trip to LA to meet up with friends, who also flew into the city of angels, to see a play. The trip, though short, was special. Seeing my dear friend, Mark, was wonderful. We haven’t seen each other in years, and he’s had a very difficult year but looks none the worse for… Continue reading

Rainy Days and Sundays…

In the few days since I’ve been in northern California, I think I’ve seen more rain than I saw in Manhattan Beach all year! I actually don’t mind it. I missed “weather” in southern California. I actually looked up the stats: more than twice as much rain here per year, and most of it falls in the winter. The locals… Continue reading

Goodbye, Old Friend [UPDATED]

This post has been long in arriving! Well, it’s sad in a way. We lived here for about 4 years, but now the house at 1901 North Poinsettia Avenue, in Manhattan Beach, is completely empty. I really enjoyed the house: the ocean breeze that blasted through it (ripping the curtains completely out of the wall when we first moved in),… Continue reading

Big Announcement

Well, it’s been official for a few days. I just have been to busy to make the announcement public. The house here in Manhattan Beach is sold. A house near the top of the hill in Sausalito has been purchased. After over 3.5 years of living in the LA area, I will actually miss things about it, especially the vigorous… Continue reading

Thanks, Rumors, & Rambling Around

I received many well wishes via email, phone calls, cards, text messages, and Facebook posts. Odd how birthday wishes have so changed over the years! Thanks to everyone for thinking of me. My favorite present so far: the horrendously loud and noisy neighbors lost their rental agreement and had to move. I know that sounds unkind, but you didn’t have… Continue reading

One of the All Time Greats

I have seen a handful of stunning sunsets in my lifetime. I’ve only taken pictures of one of them. Tonight, here in Manhattan Beach, was one of the all time greats, ranking up there with the photos I shot of the sunset at Muir Beach. Once again, I didn’t have my good camera with me. I took several pictures with… Continue reading

Mother, a FL Sunrise, and a CA Sunset

Regrettably, I missed a gorgeous sunset tonight.  By the time I got to the ocean after dinner, this was all that was left.  I shot it with my iPhone; so, well, it’s lacking. This was a sunrise from my recent trip to Florida.The Gulf of Mexico is just gorgeous!  Again, I shot it with my iPhone. And here is a… Continue reading

Walking Along the Pacific Ocean

Image via Wikipedia I try to walk along the Pacific as much as possible since I live less than a mile from it. (If it weren’t such an elevation change, I would walk to the ocean, but the walk back up would be brutal for an “old man.”) I love the Pacific because it’s always in a different mood. This… Continue reading