Photo Mystery

This photo was shot with the iPhone X using the Moment 10mm Macro Lens1 . So, the million dollar question is: What is it? What is it? Here are some hints: It can and does get very cold when it is in use.It was a successfully funded a Kickstarter project.It has four different parts–well, maybe five.Each part has a specific… Continue reading

Macro Photography: Tin Car on the Ocean

I was inspired by Kim Leuenberger’s awesome macro photography series: Traveling Cars Adventures. So today, with my little tin car in hand, I headed to Rodeo beach to shoot some traveling car adventures myself. The wind was completely out of control!1 Problems abounded! My tripod was much too high to frame the shot I wanted—macros that included background of the… Continue reading

Inspired by Ms. Freeman…

She has been posting some amazing macro images on her Facebook page lately.  So, yesterday, when I went out to the mailbox, I saw this cool curly thing on the tip of a white lillie.  Inspired by Ms. Freeman*, I went in to get my camera and 100mm macro lens. Today it’s raining.  But because it so seldom rains, you… Continue reading

Five Upgrades for Tim

@Twitter has refreshed the user experience at, adding functionality I love and use on my iOS Twitter clients. Nicely done. You do follow me on Twitter, right? My link is in the footer of every page here at @WordPress has just officially released WP 3.1. The new version seems to have a few nice additions and several under… Continue reading