REI and Orange Joos

REI has got to be one of my favorite stores! First, it’s a co-op. I’ve been a member for years. Their focus is therefor on making sure they have very happy customers, because their customers are members of the co-op. Love it. It’s the way all stores should be. So, when I need something that I can find at REI,… Continue reading

Helen Ivey: Effervescence Filled with Wondrous Adventure

I have known many wonderful people in my life, but none has been so singular and so positive (always a huge smile) as the bright, energetic soul that was Aunt Helen Ivey, the Senior Warthog. Her sudden and unexpected passing, after 91 years on this Earth, has filled my heart with extreme sadness. Helen was not just generations ahead of… Continue reading

When God Just Isn’t Enough

I’ve been in Long Island for several days and returned home late yesterday. Today the doorbell rang.  Once again (This is the fourth time!) two Mormon missionaries, young guys in their twenties, were at the door.  I was surprised at what they said as their “come on” line. “We’ve stopped by to talk with you about family.” So talking about… Continue reading