Lake Pukaki, New Zealand

I’m going through the 3,500 photos I shot in New Zealand, and this is one of my favorites so far. It’s actually 2 photos stitched together. The views were astoundingly expansive. One photo would never capture what nature presented for wonder. And, as beautiful as the photo is, if I say so myself, it doesn’t begin to capture the scene!… Continue reading

360º Panorama Time Lapse Videos!

I hesitate to use a photo for this post, because each segment of his video has such a different look, and, as fantastic as they are, a photo misrepresents the most vital element of his work: the live motion. But these photos were on his site, which I recommend you check out! He also has done some very cool long… Continue reading

Mountain House Series (The Outside)

When we moved out to the west coast, we sold the North Carolina mountain house. Maintaining it from this distance was just too problematic, though we both loved it: Silence punctuated by really loud frog sounds in the summer Awesome thunderstorms with torrential downpours A car meandering down the road maybe every 4 hours The smell of clean, fragrant mountain… Continue reading

No Wake … No Problem

The tragedy of the failing water supply really hit home today when I visited part of Lake Allatoona, one of the two lakes that supplies Atlanta with drinking water. One area of the lake is completely dry. In chatting with a man who is the host for a campground that has been closed for 3 years, he said this particular… Continue reading