Review: Unagi Electric Scooter

Disclaimer This is just a personal review of a Kickstarter project I backed. I am not receiving any compensation or consideration of any kind from Unagi. They did not ask that I endorse their product. These are just my personal thoughts, opinions, and reactions. First Impressions I arrived back in SFO for a week yesterday, and the first thing I… Continue reading

Photo Mystery

This photo was shot with the iPhone X using the Moment 10mm Macro Lens1 . So, the million dollar question is: What is it? What is it? Here are some hints: It can and does get very cold when it is in use.It was a successfully funded a Kickstarter project.It has four different parts–well, maybe five.Each part has a specific… Continue reading

Urban Air: Not A Bad Idea

Having lived in Los Angeles, I would prefer to see these WiFi enabled elevated gardens than the urban graffiti that is billboards! Urban Air from Zack Bennett on Vimeo. Related articles Bamboo Billboard Gardens – Urban Air by Stephen Glassman Aims to Beautify and Clean Cities ( ( L.A. Billboards Could Be Transformed Into Floating Bamboo Gardens (… Continue reading

Some Tech Tidbits…

iOS 5.1 Mulitasking Gestures I had no idea! If you use 4 or 5 fingers on the iPad while gesturing up, your get the multitasking bar of “running” apps. If you use 4 or 5 fingers and gesture to either side, you get previously used app window in the state you last left it. If you use pinch all 5… Continue reading

The Glif

I like simple solutions.  The Glif is just that.  Ideal for mounting an iPhone 4 on a tripod horizontally or vertically, the Glif also serves as a handy stand for holding the iPhone 4 on a table top for FaceTime calls (again horizontally or vertically) and for reading.  Clever.  Simple.  Multifunctional.… Continue reading