Optimization Behind the Scenes

Optimization [dropcap]B[/dropcap]een working like a madman on my blog—optimization under the hood. You know: part of the 10 year celebration has been sprucing things up a bit moving forward. Aside from the new look, which is temporary, here’s a list of some of the improvements: [unordered_list style=”star”] Page loads, in your browser, should be dramatically faster: between 4-7 seconds on… Continue reading

SlideShowPro Rocks My World

Several years ago I discovered Todd Dominey’s SlideShow Pro (SSP), which I use to present my photos here at tt.us.  (Check them out at timtyson.us/photos.)  Over the years SSP has evolved into a really slick, powerful, wonderful tool for managing both photo and video distribution.  As my knowledge and understanding of the various SSP products has grown, I would place… Continue reading

Updated Footer

Go ahead, check out the new footer at the bottom of my blog. I’ve completely redone it. What do you think? Special thanks to the Creative Pony for letting novice users like myself use some cool code! She calls it Sliding Tabs. It is similar to cover view in iTunes that many readers here are probably familiar with. Tim likes!… Continue reading