Phyllis Diller

She made me laugh, even as a young child. I recall my sister and I, when we were young children, watching something she was in. Phyllis played a character that appeared at some public event in a horridly garish outfit. The guests were all aghast, but not the character she was playing. She announced with grand flare something along these… Continue reading

I’ll Buy a Vow*l

In a conc*rt*d *ffort to balanc* th* stat* budg*t, th* n*wly *l*ct*d gov*rnor of California, J*rry Brown, has *nact*d a law r*quiring that *v*ryon* living in th* stat* purchas* th* l*tt*r*s w* us* wh*n writing.  Th* proc**ds from th* sal* will go to fund th* stat* *ducation budg*t. W*ll, h*r* w* ar* at th* *nd of th* month, and I… Continue reading