Pardon This Geek Moment

Mother will hate this post. Last year, for the first time, I created a Season’s Greetings banner that popped up (using MediaboxAdv) when you first hit my blog.  This year, when I went to operationalize that same code, things were not very straight forward.  This post is to remind me next year how to do this€”sort of a note to… Continue reading

We Used to Wait

Cover of The Suburbs I recently was at a conference for and by artists:  dancers, visual arts, musical arts, and educators.  Naturally, such an eclectic group is a tremendously fun energy.  One of the ladies shared an unusual web site, an interactive film based on the address at which you lived as a child, called, “The Wilderness Downtown.”  She just… Continue reading

SlideShowPro Rocks My World

Several years ago I discovered Todd Dominey’s SlideShow Pro (SSP), which I use to present my photos here at  (Check them out at  Over the years SSP has evolved into a really slick, powerful, wonderful tool for managing both photo and video distribution.  As my knowledge and understanding of the various SSP products has grown, I would place… Continue reading