Second Glimpse – The Kitchen and Dining Room

Here is a second panorama from the house in Sausalito. This one was shot of the empty kitchen and dining room the day before the movers arrived. Click the image to play, and don’t forget you can take control of where you look in the pano. After everything is finally put in place, I’ll include some panos from around the… Continue reading

First Glimpse

Click the image below to see a pano of the living room area when the Sausalito house was completely empty. I shot this the day before the movers showed up. You can see down the short “hall” into the dining room area with the large aluminum fireplace. The long hall goes to the remainder of the “mid-century classic” house. Right… Continue reading

Beautiful, Mechanical, and Delightfully Simple

Totally cool: not just the simple mechanics of the Catena* Wall Clock, but the color of the housing, wall, and numbers. Desgined by Andreas Dober for Anthologie Quartett of Germany, I’d love one of these, but it apparently costs $2,338.00 from unica home. Other unique clocks can be found at this link. [Source: unica home.] *catena is apparently the Latin… Continue reading

Like Retro Wallpaper, Dude!

Do I love the 70’s for nostalgia’s sake, or was it just a very fun time? Perhaps it was the rebellion against the stogie “establishment,” the hope for happiness and “peace, man,” and the simple joy of the Spirograph. Maybe I love it for the simple naiveté of the youth culture I experienced at the time. Source: Wallpaper from the… Continue reading

20 Questions

Came across another little questionnaire.  Pick one to answer in a comment. 1. If you could build a house anywhere where would it be? 2. What’s your favorite article of clothing? 3. If you could have chosen your name what would it have been? 4. The last cd that you bought? 5. Where is your favorite place to be? 6.… Continue reading