HDR Pano of the Kitchen and Dining Room

I continue on my quest to explore HDR with panoramas. I just wasn’t overwhelmed with the result from PTGui‘s Fusion model. So, yesterday I tried NIK Software’s HDR Efex Pro 2. (Google now owns NIK Software.) These panos are all from several of the presets in HDR Efex Pro 2. I didn’t take the time to do anything to them… Continue reading

Todd @Adobe

Well, after spending several hours yesterday trying to solve an error when my trial version of Adobe After Effects would launch, I was very frustrated. I blogged about that yesterday. Todd, at Adobe support in the After Effects group, is social media aware. I don’t know exactly how he chooses to track all things @Adobe, maybe through Twitter, maybe through… Continue reading

I Can Sing a Rainbow

Perhaps because one of my high school music teachers is retiring at the end of this year (after many years of service) or because of what I saw at the beach yesterday, or maybe both, but this song from my high school music days in the Singers came back to me. Red and yellow and pink and green Purple and… Continue reading

How To Save Ink

Image via Wikipedia Now this was a clever guy!  He wanted to see which fonts used the least and most amount of ink.  So he bought a bunch of Bic ballpoint pens and found out by coloring in the fonts with the pens.  The last slide in the photo gallery shows the results of his findings, again, in a very… Continue reading

An Eye for Detail!

  Those who follow my blog know how I love 360º panoramas. They are such fun (and challenging) to shoot and build. Jeffery Martin, one of the founders at 360Cities is Mr. Pano. I can’t imagine how difficult this pano was to create and am confident that his brief set of answers below belies the difficulty and challenge of his… Continue reading