New Glasses (Lens and Frames)

We finally got back to the optometrist after years of not “seeing” him because of the pandemic. When he checked my eyes, he said the optical characteristics of my eyes have changed significantly. In fact, one of my eyes now uses very little correction. He showed me the world through my current prescription lenses and then the new ones he… Continue reading

Northern Lights: Day 2 — London

Kindness saves the day, no: saves the whole vacation! Our driver was the nicest man, very personable. I think he was especially happy that the traffic on New Year’s Eve was so light, almost end of the world apocalypse kind of light: where *was* everyone! He was an older fellow, had retired from work in the fashion industry. We chit… Continue reading

Northern Lights: Day 1 — Travel Day

And we’re off to see the northern lights in the arctic circle. First stop will be a few days in London to acclimate to the time change—a loss of 8 hours. The trip over is always an endurance test because of the time change. Regrettably, I rarely sleep on these long flights, and the flight from JFK to Heathrow was… Continue reading