My Week in the City

I’ve just spent a quick week in the city. The city, of course, is San Francisco. The week was exciting for a number of reasons. So, here we go… City Hall from Davies HallCity Hall Street LevelCity Hall Light Trails from Passing CarsCity Hall through Trees Yes, this weekend included St. Patrick’s Day. City Hall was green for the occasion.… Continue reading

Pictures of the Bay Area from the Sistoid’s Visit

I think the Sistoid Unit shot several thousand pictures while she was here—and I mean literally! The bay area is stunning, much more beautiful than the south bay area of LA. At any rate, I took my camera around for a couple of the days she was here and shot these. Let me know which one(s) you like best.  … Continue reading

Final Fort Point Pano: The East Tower

One of the things I found curious about these panos shot at Fort Point is that you can actually see the tide starting to go out. The water from the bay is brownish. I’m told it goes 6 miles out to sea before the currents bring the same water back into the bay area. Odd.… Continue reading

Sistoid Unit Visit Results in Panos!

Yes, the Sistoid Unit came out to California for a 2 week visit. We had a blast. She almost killed me walking all over the place. In fact, we walked almost 140,000 steps, over 66 miles! (Dear god, no wonder I ache all over!) A couple of times I took my camera along to shoot several panos. They turned out… Continue reading