More Corporate @#$% @HomeDepot UPDATED

So, you call Home Depot and schedule a date for them to come in a measure for a new carpet install. They take all of your address and payment information. You instantly get an email confirmation before hanging up. You make clear to them that you may need to change the date because you are coordinating this with another person,… Continue reading

Oh, No! Theft by Taking…

It started with iTunes. They wanted me to update my credit card information. It wouldn’t take my info?! Then an auto payment notice indicated having problems with my credit card on file. What? I called the credit card company, the one I’ve used for decades. I had assumed that since I had made some online holiday purchases, they thought they… Continue reading

Land of the Ambulance Chasers!

A new first… I mentioned yesterday that I was hit at the airport last Sunday while driving Rojo. Today I received not one, but two different phone calls from slimy lawyers looking to drum up business. The first left a message that included, “We want to place you in the hands of a good doctor who will make sure you… Continue reading

Rather to the Point

The entire article is worth reading.  The viciousness of corporate America at work… Our future well being depends more on people like Steve Jobs who invent real products that can improve our lives, than it does on people like Jamie Dimon who invent financial products that do little other than threaten our economy.” [Source: Robert Reich (Apple Isn’t the Problem.… Continue reading

Is It Really This Bad?!

Uninsured patients with traumatic injuries, such as car crashes, falls and gunshot wounds, were almost twice as likely to die in the hospital as similarly injured patients with health insurance, according to a troubling new study. The findings by Harvard University researchers surprised doctors and health experts who have believed emergency room care was equitable. “This is another drop in… Continue reading

For Those Who Want to Know…

Despite Bush’s campaign claim that the economy has turned a corner, the number of poor in America and the number of Americans without health insurance continues to increase. New Census Bureau figures indicate that the number of Americans living in poverty grew by 1,300,000 last year, bringing the total to 35,800,000 Americans, or about 12.5% of the population. The increase… Continue reading