Do You Really Want This?

I sincerely ask this question because this is the road we are rapidly traveling down. And the destination will be an America none of us will recognize at all. So, if we don’t want to live like this in the very near future, we have to do something about it now. Specifically, let’s talk about just 2 things for now:… Continue reading

It Just Doesn’t Add Up…

My grandfather and father both used the expression “horse sense*” as in, “It doesn’t make horse sense.” In other words, even the brain of a horse could figure this out. The following things don’t make horse sense to me. 1. That in the United States of American an adult can be clearly and emphatically told by the police not to… Continue reading

I Don’t Want to See Anyone’s Body Parts on TV

But this is funny… With the FCC now empowered to fine broadcasters ten times more than before for even a slip of a nipple or a swear word, were doing a little sin trading today. The government has determined that the damage to society of a swear broadcast on TV is up to $325,000. So what else does the law… Continue reading