No Other Name Under Heaven

Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.” Source: Acts 4:12 (NIV) Christ. Follow Christ. Be a Christian. The central message of the New Testament. Many Americans have even begun to use being “Christian” as a litmus test for the presidency. This month I… Continue reading

It’s All Marketing

I read this tweet from @Wolfrum and in an instant realized that religion is one of the oldest and most successful marketing platforms in the history of humankind. The church has defined culture through the ages: whose work was “in” and whose work was of no value. It decided what was heresy and what was the word of God. And… Continue reading

Dominating the Public Conversation

I have thought for some time that the approach of the Christian church to institutionalize extreme dogma as a central tenet of the church would backfire on them in the long run by making them irrelevant to more and more real people living real lives in a real world.  Well, this seems to be happening. Sadly this abrasive blaring of… Continue reading

We Need a Populist Movement—Part 5: Faith Practice

Image via Wikipedia What is the central theme of all of Judeo-Christian faith according to the writings protestant and Catholic believers alike call their holy scriptures—the greatest commandment from God, the central tenet, the core, the essence and centerpiece of all of Christianity? I’m assuming my conservative, religious friends know the answer to this. It came directly from the mouth… Continue reading

What We Say and What We Do

Image via Wikipedia I have been fascinated for much of my adult life with what people say they believe and value versus what people actually do in their lives.  I include myself in this observation of values versus behaviors.  I have always believed we are our most powerful selves, we are authentic, when we do what we say we believe… Continue reading

No! You’re Too Fat!!

On one of my flights today I noticed a heavyset man in the row in front of me reading some religious magazine.  I caught the title of one of the articles and almost threw up.  I forget exactly how it was worded, but it basically was about how much more religious persecution could the church endure these last days. My… Continue reading

Talk Is Cheap and Generally Mean Spirited

I just discovered Mike Todd’s blog a couple of days ago when I posted about his insights into Capitalism and Christianity. I really don’t know much about Mike’s thinking, but in just a couple of days he has stated things that really resonate with me! From where I sit, this quotation is so totally on the mark. It’s much too… Continue reading