Tim’s Poo Poo List

Today I’m traveling. I was seated, waiting for my flight to board, when emergency services wheeled a man by on a stretcher. I’m not making this up. It really happened. So, naturally, I immediately thought he was a passenger who had been ejected from a United Airlines flight. I’m serious. This was my first thought. Really? I don’t see what… Continue reading

Slick, Clever, and Birlliantly Positioned!

Unlike most people I suspect, literally everything I see in media, online and on TV, I’m asking myself: “Who paid for me to see this and why?” Call me cynical, but I genuinely do not believe anything in the mediaspehere happens by accident. I believe that corporations have paid large marketing corporations to attain very carefully defined goals, and they… Continue reading

Apple’s Earnings Report

Business Insider has an interesting article reflecting on Apple‘s recent unprecedented earnings report.  It is the second most profitable company on the planet, behind the evil Exxon.  Here is a chart from the article, but you need to read the whole article, Mind-Melting Facts about Apple’s June Quarter.  It really is amazing!… Continue reading


Image via Wikipedia You know, I’m fairly forgiving of people but not at all of corporations.  For example:  when the Exxon Valdez spilled oil all over Prince William Sound in Alaska back in 1989, I swore I would never knowingly purchase Exxon products again.  Here 11 years later, I’ve kept that promise. I was so annoyed by the crappy cars… Continue reading


When the Exxon Valdez spewed 10.8 million gallons of crude oil in Alaska in 1989, I was horrified. I was so angered by not only that companies irresponsible destruction of habitat and commerce, but their callus and irresponsible lack of sufficient and meaningful effort to redress the horrible wrong they had perpetrated on our planet, people, and wildlife. I don’t… Continue reading