Clever & Creative Packaging Design

Creative packaging design: I stumbled upon this interesting collection of 25 products. Check out the full list if the ones I’m including here interest you. (Source: Bored Panda) I hate when product packaging is so clever you actually don’t want to use the product!… Continue reading

Vox As iTunes Replacement on Mac?

So the app Vox (Mac only, by Coppertino) came out of beta yesterday and is free; so, I decided to give it a whirl. I no longer use iTunes to sync my devices, and I find the app, especially with the new design, overwhelming. At least 90% of the time, I only use it to play music from my library… Continue reading

Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign

I’ve blogged, last year, about Dove’s Real Beauty campaign. They have started another campaign. And while one could find numerous potential issues with methodology, I think their campaign makes some irrefutable points that need to be assimilated into our culture. Corporate fashion and glamour marketing promotes a tremendously unhealthy self image, especially among women. They know the uglier you think… Continue reading

Upscale Laundromat

A bistro? A trendy bar? Nope… a laundromat  in Barcelona called Splash, designed by Frederic Perers. Laundromats didn’t look like this when I had to use them! (Jeeze, that seems like a lifetime ago!)   Source: Laundromat Looks Just Like a Nightclub   Related articles Lounge-Like Laundromats – Wasbar Lets You Get a Haircut and a Drink While Your Clothes… Continue reading

Masculine, Classic, Vintage, Elegant Style

I stumbled onto several style-related blogs, all from Tumblr.  Here is a collection of photos from them, each representing the title of this post.  Each photograph is as well done as the content of the photo itself.  Click any picture to see a larger version.    … Continue reading

Phonofone III

The Phonofone III is a clever, beautiful, acoustic audio enhancer, or passive amplifier, exclusively for the iPhone. It uses no electricity, just provides an acoustic shell that boosts the volume of the iPhone about 10db making it roughly 4x louder than the iPhone’s own internal speakers. As you can see from the pictures below, it is a conversation starter. However,… Continue reading