Maddow for President

I’d vote for her!  Shoot, I’d campaign for her!  She’s attractive and charming.  She’s witty and articulate.  She speaks core American values.  She does her homework. Obama, while infinitely better than his wretched predecessor, has been astoundingly disappointing as president.  This disaster affords him the opportunity to do right by the American people and fulfill one of the primary duties… Continue reading

Who Could Ever Have Imagined?!

I’m confident that no one could have imagined an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  I mean, we’ve never had such a thing before.  The existence of entire ecosystems have never been threatened before.  People’s livelihoods have never before been decimated by an oil spill, say:  in Alaska.  How could anyone have anticipated such a thing? Besides, we have… Continue reading