New Zealand: Day 6 – Mount Cook [Updated]

Weather The weather here is very changeable to be sure, but today, near the base of Aoraki Mount Cook, the weather was mostly the same: heavy, low cloud cover and constant drizzle or rain. We never saw Mount Cook. In fact, a few times we couldn’t see anything. We had scheduled a private flight around the mountain range, including a… Continue reading

Oh, No! Theft by Taking…

It started with iTunes. They wanted me to update my credit card information. It wouldn’t take my info?! Then an auto payment notice indicated having problems with my credit card on file. What? I called the credit card company, the one I’ve used for decades. I had assumed that since I had made some online holiday purchases, they thought they… Continue reading

The End of Passwords and Credit Cards

This is a fascinating article on using biometric chips in cell phones so that they can completely replace credit cards, passwords, and common security system measures used today.  I watched the job postings at Apple when they appeared and wondered what they were up to.  The author of this article, Mike Elgan, has probably hit the nail on the head.… Continue reading